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What Now? Cottage Grove area emerges from once-in-a-century snowstorm

More than a week after a snowstorm brought Cottage Grove and the Willamette Valley to a standstill, rural communities in South Lane County are still dealing with the aftermath. As Cottage Grove residents gradually return to a state of normalcy, those within outlying communities such as Dorena and Elkton are left wondering “What now?” and “What about next time?”

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Building A Digital Defense Against Fake Bills

You are convinced that someone hacked your account and purchased that stupid video game using your money.

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Lane County

Douglas-fir pest outbreak looms in Lane County next month if storm-toppled Douglas-firs aren't removed

“The beetles first attack downed Douglas-firs and then move to nearby standing trees that are stressed, injured or less vigorous,”

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Students learn system of government through YAC program

YAC teaches students lessons outside the classroom

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Students, faculty in Dorena take detour to Harrison

After being away from the school for two weeks, Dorena heads back 'home'

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“Discover Exoplanets: the Search for Alien Worlds”

We are proud that the Cottage Grove Public Library and the Eugene Science Center were selected to be one of seven sites nationwide to host the Discover Exoplanets exhibit

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