$1.7 million in unclaimed tax checks waiting

Thousands of Oregonians may be letting money slip through their fingers.

Approximately 9,000 letters were sent to Oregon residents in July warning them that they had unclaimed state tax return checks due to a variety of reasons including change of address and changed names. Now, those funds totaling $1.7 million, must be claimed by October 13--this Friday. 

Unclaimed funds will be transfered to the Unclaimed Property Program in the Department of State Lands. Residents may still claim their money but will require a notorized claim and copies of documents verifying their identity. 

Oregonians who would rather avoid the added paperwork can claim their funds prior to this Friday by either signing the original notification sent in July and returning it before October 13. The fastest option, however, is to call (503) 947-0024 and request a new check. 

Officials estimate that of the 9,000 residents warned in July that tax funds were owed to them and that they must be claimed, approximately 7,000 have yet to claim their checks. 

To see if you may have an unclaimed tax check with the state of Oregon, please visit the state's official website or call (503) 378-4988. 

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