A magical time at BMD

Jay the Magician performs a trick for a crowd of people at BMD. Kids stare on in amazement as he miraculously makes a die disappear from a box and reappear into a silk hat.

A small group of kids watches in awe as Jay the Magician, otherwise known as Jay Frasier, places a large die in a metal box, insisting it’s about to disappear.

He opens one side of the box – no die. He closes that side, shakes the box, and opens the other side – no die. He shakes the box again.

One kid pipes up, shouting that of course the box is empty one side at a time, the die is just shifting to the closed side.

“Well I guess I’ve never been that good at magic,” says Frasier, and then he opens both sides, but of course, neither side holds the die. It has been in the silk hat to Frasier’s right the whole time. The kids shout in surprise.

“When I was four years old, our minister showed me a card trick, and he would not explain how he did it,” Frasier says.

From that moment onward, he wanted to find out the secret. He went with his mom to the library to check out all the kids’ magic books, and when he couldn’t find it in those, he asked her to check out all the adult magic books. Because he was four at the time, “I had her read them to me,” he says.

“I think I figured out how he did that trick but I still don’t know because he was actually a minister trainee and so he was there in our area for maybe a couple months and then he moved away. So I never got to find out for sure exactly how he did that trick,” Frasier says.

He’s now been doing magic professionally for about 30 years, performing at private birthday parties, local libraries and school assemblies, among other things. Bohemia Mining Days this year was his first two public performances in over a year. 

“It is weird and cool all at the same time,” says Frasier. “It’s cool to get back in front of an audience. It is weird that I find that I’ve forgotten comedy bits I would normally do.”

He knows he’ll start getting back into the groove after a couple more performances though. “I figure, by my fifth or sixth show I should be back to normal again, that’s what I’m thinking,” he says.

The shows help make magic a self-maintaining hobby. “I really loved magic, I love learning the secrets but it can be an expensive hobby, so I do it in some ways as a hobby to pay for itself. The money I make goes right back into buying books,” says Frasier.

In the next few months Frasier looks forward to libraries opening up again and the potential for school assemblies again so he can perform. In the end though, magic is a fun thing to do and he recommends anyone wanting to check it out head to their local library.

“That’s how I got started and that’s still, I think it’s the best way to start. You don’t have to invest a lot of money if it’s a hobby that you enjoy and it’s usually that most libraries have some pretty good books in there,” he says.

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