A symphonic return to CG

The Eugene Symphony brought its talents back to Bohemia Park on July 26 for the first time since 2019.

On Monday, July 26, Bohemia Park was brimming with an eager audience. After 18 months of no live performances, the Eugene Symphony was back in Cottage Grove. The last time they visited was in 2019.

"It feels like you're coming home," says Music Director Francesco Lecce-Chong.

Their first live audience performance was on Saturday, July 24 at the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene. The second, was in our very own Cottage Grove.

"Making music, you gotta have people to share it with," says Lecce-Chong. "It feels really great and there's that extra intensity too within the orchestra."

The concert included nine pieces, from Tchaikovsky's "1912 Overture" to "Wicked" the musical's "Defying Gravity," vocalized by Evynne Hollens, who is a Eugene native and a guest vocalist with the Symphony.

Getting the Symphony to Cottage Grove was no easy feat. Transporting instruments and people takes a lot of combined effort.

"We have an incredible crew, I can't take any credit for that," says Lecce-Chong. "They are able to load everything, especially all the percussion. Whenever you have something like 1812 overture, you're gonna have a lot of percussion."

Scott Freck, executive director of the Eugene Symphony, appreciates coming to perform in Bohemia Park, and all the hard work it took to get everything put together. This was the Symphony's sixth performance in Cottage Grove.

"It's just such a great partnership and we're so grateful. We love coming here," says Freck. "It's a great audience. After a year off it's all the more special."

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