A word from the Editor

We are your hometown newspaper. What we say matters and how we say it counts. We want you to trust that what you hear from us is true. When we make an allegation, we have several qualified sources to back it up. We don’t engage in gossip, even if it means we don’t have the viral story this week. We’ll have the true and accurate one next week. 

No public official in Cottage Grove gets a free pass from us. We don’t play favorites and we don’t hold grudges. But the facts have to be there and when they’re not, we’ll wait. 

We’ll dig deeper and ask more questions because we will never give you half an answer or ask you to draw a conclusion without presenting you the facts in their entirety. We’ll always give you all of the facts and when there’s one to be had, an answer as well. If that means other publications are the first to have a Cottage Grove headline on their front page, that’s ok by us. 

We’ll wait to get it right.

And we hope you’ll wait with us because we don’t care if we publish or post first. We care that what we publish and post is correct, sourced, fair, honest and carries the weight of facts. Not sensationalism. 

It’s called journalism. And we hope you continue to subscribe to it. 

As always, I’m happy to explain our decisions, hear your concerns and tell your stories. Stop by, call or email through any of the contacts listed below. It is a privilege to serve this community and we will continue to do so by upholding the standards and policies of journalism. 

Cottage Grove Sentinel contacts:

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