Aloha, Sharon Jean and Ron Rice

Sharon Jean and Ron Rice have become two of my dearest friends. I met Sharon back in 2011, when I was searching for some way to give my time to the community. I offered my service to her at the Community Center kitchen where she was serving food to the public every Sunday. She took me under her wing (so to speak) and told me about the wonderful service she was providing to the public; anyone who wanted a warm meal. Anyone could come, not just the needy or homeless.

I watched her as she mingled among the tables saying hello to everyone there and even giving many of them hugs. She treated each one as though they had been friends for a very long time. Her sincere concern and friendship to everyone she met is what I admire the most about her.

I continued to watch and learn from her. With her loving compassion passing on to many. I also noticed The Man behind the scenes. Not only did he play wonderful music on his guitar and sing for the event, he was the man that jumped on any need Sharon would have. He packed up the van with all the necessities of the day, delivered them there, unpacked them, helped setup tables chairs. Then when the event was over, he vacuumed, put tables away and repacked everything up in the van.

This he did with a smile on his face, well most of the time. Ron Rice is this wonderful man who seemed to have endless energy to get the job done, whatever job was thrown his way by his loving wife. They are quite a team. In case some of you did not know, Ron is an engineer and owns the company at the T of Ninth Street and Woodson Place called GEOMAX.

Sharon invited me to be on the Bohemia Mining Days Board in 2012. I was so excited because I loved the festival and I knew her leadership would be wonderful to work under. I have been on the board for my seventh festival now and am presently serving as president. She has guided me along the way and I would never had been able to do this without her mentoring.

In 2013, Sharon introduced me to my wonderful husband whom has been a huge blessing in my life. Bill and I have spent many wonderful evenings at Sharon and Ron’s; Ron and Bill play guitars and Sharon and I visit.

I have been amazed at all the things she and Ron have been involved in throughout their lives. Sharon has been involved in many different political events in her life. She has created child care services/centers. She has spent many years in the area of domestic violence. I’ve even heard many stories of how she just steps in and gets involved with situations where she sees the need. I love her stories. Not many 5-foot-tall women could make a 6-foot-tall man cower down.

She is really 7-feet tall, but in a short body.

I will miss our dinners. She’s an amazing cook. She is able to gather items from six different people and make a meal out of it. It’s always something new. Things I would probably never have tried otherwise.

Sharon is one of those people that is known for getting it done. Not just done, but done successfully. If Sharon is involved in the project, you know it will be a success. It has been said that she has more charisma in her little pinky than the five of us have all together.

As they depart Oregon and start their new adventure in Hawaii, I am saddened to see them go — but am so happy they are able to spend their golden years in a place they called home for many years; a place where they have many friends and family that will be there for them.

May God bless you and keep you safe and happy my dear friends.

All are welcome to come say ‘Aloha’ to our dear friends, Sharon Jean and Ron Rice this Saturday, June 2, at 5 p.m. at Coiner Park (Sharon Jean’s favorite spot).

Hawaiian theme if you want.