Another chance to see the Half-Baked Hams

February 24 - If you missed their last show, here’s another chance to enjoy the Half-Baked Hams! This hilarious improv troupe will be appearing Saturday, March 4 at the Opal Center for Arts and Education, 513 Main St., in Cottage Grove at 7 p.m. The Hams rely heavily on zany suggestions from the audience, so come prepared to call out ideas when asked.

“Since our last show we have added a group of new and talented players. Their spirit and fearlessness have energized the whole group,” said Director Howard Hummel. “Come and be a part of the fun!”

Tickets for the show will be $15 a seat and will be available at The Crafty Mercantile, 541-514-0704, right next door to the Opal. Do not delay! Tickets were sold out in one day for the last show. All proceeds from the show go to the Opal Center for ongoing needs, including summer camps.