Aquatic Center reopens, seeks sponsors

December 2 - In a recent post made by the Warren H. Daugherty Aquatic Center, the pool’s manager, Josh Norton, announced the reopening of the center on Nov. 21, with several updates to its scheduled operations.

“We are fully operational and will spend next week getting our school classes caught up on missed lessons. Thank you so much for the patience you’ve had during this,” Norton said. With the return, the aquatic center hopes to find sponsors for “Middle School Madness,” a program that hosts Lincoln Middle School PE classes at the center for hundreds of students take four weeks to learn water skills and safety. Norton continued, “Last year we had 113 sixth graders, and 191 seventh and eighth graders participate. What an incredible opportunity for the teens in our town! Because of the pool time dedicated to Middle School Madness, our schedule will be altered slightly.”

This middle school program continues through Dec. 16, at which point the center will resume its original public programming.

Local sponsors are sought for Middle School Madness. The sponsorship funds go toward the extra staff and supplies needed to host students.

Those interested in sponsoring the event can contact Norton at 541-942-5533 or [email protected].

Additional scheduled events announced for the center include swim lessons, and the second annual Classes for a Cause, set to begin in January. Regular classes in the center’s Lap Pool and Therapy Pool can be found at

“I can’t express how much joy it brings me to send this email to you with upcoming programming. I am very sorry for the closure we’ve had. We had an all staff meeting [in November] and my team and I are so excited to bring life back to the facility,” Norton said.

The Warren H. Daugherty Aquatic Center is now open to the public for various uses, including independent workout, aquatic aerobics, family swim and recreation swim.

The center is located at 1440 S Eighth St. in Cottage Grove.