Beloved pet columnist’s 10th story appears in latest Chicken Soup for the Soul book series

Photo By Mary Ellen Angel Scribe

May 05 - Chicken Soup for the Soul has now published 10 stories by Mary Ellen Schesser whose nom de plume is ‘Angel Scribe’. She is a widely known author who has contributed Pet Tips and Tales articles for seventeen years for our reader’s delight at The Sentinel. There are 250 Chicken Soup for the Soul book titles that have sold over 500 million copies in 43 languages and found in more than 100 countries.

Mary Ellen ‘Angel Scribe’s” tenth story, “Double Vision” was chosen from thousands of submissions for the newly released “Well That was Funny” book. Her hilarious story is also being featured on Chicken Soup’s free podcast listed under “I Can’t Believe I Did That!” aired on May 1, 2023. You can listen the program at:

‘Angel Scribe” began her journey writing for the Cottage Grove Sentinel in 2006, in hopes of improving readership with her human-interest column, Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales.

“You never know what opportunities will open when you bravely open a new door. It may change your life in wonderful ways” says the author. Schesser wanted to contribute funny and positive stories to brighten her reader's days.

Since then, she has become a beloved author around the globe. Schesser has also two published books, “Expect Miracles” and “A Christmas Filled with Miracles” in five other languages. She is a regular talk show guest on radio shows and has a long line up of TV appearances, selling over 40,000 of her Miracle books in the U.S. alone.

The Chicken Soup for the Soul staff had personally chosen all ten of ‘Angel Scribes' truly funny, touching, pet, inspirational, miracle, and moving life experiences to include in their books. Stay tuned as her goal is to be included in over twenty books!

Schesser has many readers who adore her columns, stories and books. Her reading audience in The Sentinel and Facebook page often described her as their favorite author for laughter and inspiration. Mary Ellen ‘Angel Scribe’ sees plenty of opportunities to continue her work. She remains passionate about advocating for pets, and she hopes to inspire a new generation of writers to bring smiles to readers.

Glowing reviews for her articles illustrate her appeal, “Your pet articles touch many lives, especially people who are hurting and need to know that there are happy endings after all” says Tabitha in Cottage Grove, Ore. “The great part about your interest in stories is that you are more concerned with the effect the stories will have on the reader. What a great way to do things!” said reader, Dr. Hope in New Jersey. “Thank you for the beautiful pet stories! Many make me both cry and laugh.”, exclaimed Nidia in Switzerland.

Mary Ellen ‘Angel Scribe” has not only touched the hearts and souls of the people of Cottage Grove Ore., but others worldwide with her philosophy or writing from her heart; to in-turn, touch readers’ hearts.

As we take leave of this author, we are left with a profound sense of gratitude for her uplifting and paws-itive contribution to the world through her wonderful columns and writings steeped in mystery, magic, and meaning, and all of our love of pet’s importance in our lives. ‘Angel Scribe’s’ stories will continue to live on in our hearts, resonating with readers for generations to come.