Bob Fletcher (Triebeneck)

Bob Fletcher (Triebeneck) of Cottage Grove, OR, passed away December 29, 2019.

Bob was born May 7, 1952 in Oklahoma and adopted by Ethel Morris.

After earning his high school diploma Bob studied to become a Registered Paramedic, Nurse, Firefighter and later a Musician.

Bob married Tonya on March 29, 1900 in Kingston, PA.

Bob worked with Pete Seeger with Sloop Clearwater, the 25th Woodstock Reunion, Renaissance Faire and various Cable series and TV & Radio series. Bob enjoyed music and played at the Habitat for Humanity open mic nights at the Axe & Fiddle. Bob was a member of BMI.

Bob is survived by his wife Tonya; daughters Sarah of Pennsylvania and Tanja of Colorado; son Noah of Pennsylvania; seven grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

A memorial Service will be held at a later date.