Bohemia Mining Days chooses a theme

Bohemia Mining Days will creep one year closer to its 60th anniversary when it sets up shop in Coiner Park this summer. And in keeping with tradition, the BMD board has decided on a theme for this year's festival: Every trail tells a tale. 

BMD board member Cindy Weeldreyer said the theme will be incorporated into this year's Bohemia Nugget--a publication detailing the festival and its schedule--as it is every year. Weeldreyer will be responsible for penning the feature article based on the theme. 

"Cottage Grove has a neat history," Weelderyer said. She plans on exploring the history behind the "trails" around town including Row River Rd. and Mosbey Creek Rd. 

The piece will be accompanied by art work created for the festival that features horse drawn buggies and local landscapes. 

"We're really excited about it," Weeldreyer said. 

While the festival always has a theme, it has seen some changes this year. 

In February of this year, the BMD board announced that it would be cutting a day from the schedule. 

“For the first time in its 58-year history, Cottage Grove’s Bohemia Mining Festival will end on Saturday night and not Sunday afternoon,” a press release read. 

“BMD is all about tradition,” said board president Cathy Simmons. “Yet as we go forward, circumstances force us to make changes like this one with an eye on our bottom line.”

Simmons previously noted that it cost approximately $50,000 to host BMD each year. Last month, the board approved its 2018 budget of $55,450. The board noted that Sunday was traditionally the slowest day for the festival and may have seen fewer attendees this year due to Rainier Amusements, the third-party operator that contracts with BMD to provide the carnival, tearing down rides on Sunday instead of Monday this year.

The change from four to three days was also attributed to volunteer schedules with Simmons citing the small band of workers responsible for erecting and tearing down the elaborate props and settings used during the festival. “Most of our board members, spouses and festival volunteers take a week of vacation time to produce the festival and need to return to work on Monday,” she said.

Bohemia Mining Days is scheduled for July 19 through the 21. 

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