Boyce & Sons — one-stop home supply with familiar faces

If you have been to Boyce & Sons in the last 20 years, and went again today, chances are, you would see a familiar face. 

“He’s been here 20 years; my number one driver has been with me over 30 years; the two counter guys have been here pushing 20 years,” said Rick Boyce as he rattles off list of employees at Boyce & Sons. “We’ve got the same crew we’ve had forever and ever and ever.” 

While a key group of workers has served as the backbone of the company through its growth, the flipside has been the group of loyal customers that keep coming back for more. Or just come to the store to chat. 

“I’ve had (people) tell me, ‘Yeah, I’d be going down the road having a bad day and I just think of this store and I start laughing because it’s fun here.’ We make it fun so they pull in. Whether it’s people that are customers or people that I buy from or whatever,” said Rick. “It’s big enough but small enough. When you get too big, you lose the people. The coming just to (talk) and laugh and joke and have fun.”

Before the business became the one-stop shop for homeowners, Bill Boyce, father of both Rick (who serves as president and CEO) and Darin (general manager of the company) opened Boyce & Sons in 1969 as a sawdust and bark mulch business. 

“Back then a lot of people used it for horse bedding and heat. Heat was a big part of our business. You don’t see it anymore but it was really good, nice for heat,” remembers Rick who helped with the business as a sophomore in high school when it first opened.

In the early 1980s Rick became business partners with his dad and then bought him out so that his dad could retire — in theory, at least. Rick began to expand the business to now where it now includes a little of everything: lumber, plywood, hardware, concrete, windows, doors and more.

As Rick eyes an eventual retirement, he has tried to scale-back his weekly hours from 60 to 40 at his business. His plate has remained full as in the last six years he started doing the maintenance at Magnolia Gardens.

But regardless of how much he works, Boyce & Sons will continue doing what they have been doing for the last 50 years.

“It’s been a journey but it’s been a lot of neat customers, lot of loyal customers,” said Rick.