Bridge repairs delayed

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Cottage Grove residents who were hoping to see progress on the Main Street Bridge and the Swinging Bridge by the new year will have to wait.

Cottage Grove City Manager Richard Meyers informed the city council on Monday, September 11 that the money to begin work on S. 6th St. were coming in part from the money set aside for the Main Street Bridge. 

"We are monitoring the conditions of the bridge but we need to get the permits to work in the water before we go to bid," Meyers told the council. "We'll wait until next spring to go to bid and part of why we can do South 6th now is because we are going to wait until the spring to do Main Street Bridge." 

Meyers told the council that the city also looked at doing the Swinging Bridge but opted to wait. 

"It was $166,000 to design the bridge and then the option you chose, not the pre-fabricated bridge, was another $400,000 to $600,000 to complete," he said. "We could have done the bridge but South 6th and the roads have a little more transportation value than the bridge."

Mayor Jeff Gowing took issue with the company responsible for handling the re-construction of the Swinging Bridge, particularly the cost of the design. 

"At $166,000, at $200 an hour they're spending 830 hours? That's ridiculous," he said. 

Meyers said the city was addressing the company directly. 

It wasn't all bad news for bridge lovers at Monday night's meeting. Meyers reported that residents who donate to the Swinging Bridge on their water bills have raised approximately $2,000 so far. 

"It's not a lot to get it done in a timely manner but it is something to show when we apply for grants," he said. "We can say, 'Look at what the community has done so far.'" 

The city will be meeting in Salem for a $150,000 grant in the near future for the bridge. 

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