Buddy’s Back Home!

Last year, a Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales article titled, “Rescuing a ‘Buddy’” shared how Alice, an 83-year-young house/pet sitter, sat for three weeks on the frozen winter’s ground in order to earn the trust of a stray dog named Buddy who had been on the streets for over a year. The morning that she prayed for help, the dog came over and lay down next to her.

From that moment on, Buddy and Alice formed a deep bond. Sadly, with Buddy’s large size and Alice’s small retirement income, she made the heart-wrenching decision to surrender him to a Border Collie Rescue group.

Heartbroken and missing her Buddy, Alice phoned the rescue group and “talked to him” daily. Three weeks later, she phoned her daughter, Starr, who said, “I was waiting for your call. You and Buddy belong together.”

They left at 11 a.m. and arrived home the next morning at 2 a.m. with Buddy peacefully sleeping in the backseat.

How had Buddy fared those long weeks without Alice?  He was devastated, not eating and pulling out his fur. So, imagine his delight when his superhero arrived once again for him.

Alice’s friends knew how strongly the dog and woman were bonded. One friend paid for a fenced 20-foot-by-15-foot doggy pen to keep Buddy safe when Alice is not home. Another friend bought him a bed and toys; Buddy is such a gentle animal that a feral cat lays next to him in the pen.

And if you are wondering about Buddy’s homecoming...

“He walked in the house happy as a lark with his tail wagging,” said Alice. “Our four cats woke up greeting us like a ‘Welcome Home’ committee from the animal kingdom.”

“He loves his ‘Tiny’ three-and-a half pound Chihuahua brother,” said Joy. “After every nap, once he realizes he is not dreaming about being home, he smothers Tiny with wet kisses. He also plays and cuddles with our youngest cat.”

“Buddy is my second shadow. He won’t let me out of his sight,” said Alice. “I can’t move without him being glued to me. When we are out walking, I don’t need a leash because he is never more than two feet away. His adoration is deeply touching. We have been through so much and feel complete being back together. I have never seen a dog so attentive. I can’t cough or sneeze without him jumping up to check on me.”

Alice added that, for a once-homeless and starving dog, Buddy’s manners are surprisingly refined. Tiny grabs the treats handed to him like a hungry crocodile — but Buddy takes his gently.

“He looks like a totally different dog now” said Alice. “He’s healed and his fur coat is gorgeous. He is so handsome. I sleep better and feel safer having him home. He offers more protection than Tiny, that’s for sure.”

It was obvious to everyone how devoted Alice and Buddy were to each other, so they are thrilled that Alice has her Buddy back — and Buddy has his Alice back.


• Florida Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales reader Jo said, “Dogs are heaven-sent. When we went to look at seven-week-old pups. Mr. Bean waddled across the room and fell asleep on my feet when I told my husband, ‘We need to pick one of the three puppies.’ You should have seen the breeders face. She said she never seen a puppy adopt its own people before! She forgot that there are no accidents in the universe.”

• Do you know seniors with pets who may be struggling to care for them? Offer to volunteer by taking them food donations, pay for veterinarian bills, walk their pet or watch the animals when the senior has an appointment.

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