Bulldogs and Warriors battle in Junction City

The Junction City Invitational was not only represented locally by the North Douglas Warriors and Creswell Bulldogs high school track and field teams, but also had turnouts from all six classifications in the OSAA. The off-again and on-again rainy day saw twenty total schools participating. 

The North Douglas men found great performances out of junior Ray Gerrard, who had a rare tie in the discus event, finishing tied for first with Churchills Javin Petry with a 132-10 throw. Gerrard also finished tied for fourth in the javelin event.

Junior Logan Gant finished 6th in both the 800m race and 300m hurdles, in both setting personal records.

“I was happy about today, as we get closer to districts it would be great to keep chipping off some time and hopefully I can get to my season goals before this season is over,” said Gant.

The Warriors women saw Audri Ward finish with a time of 13.93 in 100m race, good for 5th place and finished 3rd in the 100m hurdles. Mia Piscopo finished 3rd in a close 200m race with a time of 29.14 and then finished 4th in the 400m. Tabitha Baker and Savannah Harkins finished 9th and 10th in the javelin event to help the North Douglas efforts.

In all the North Douglas men finished 13th in the invitational with 411 points. The Bulldogs men’s team ended the day at 8th with 736 points. The North Douglas women fished 10th at the Junction City Invitational with 561 points while the Bulldogs women ended the day with 474.5 points, good for 11th.

The Warriors have been busy. North Douglas next participates in the ‘Oakland Twilight’ event that will be held on Friday, May 6. North Douglas also had the ‘1A scholarship Committee’ and the ‘Crow Cougar Country Cinder Classic’ earlier this week.

“I have the same goals for the next meet that I have for today,” said Warriors head coach Judith Burnett. “For my kids to make not only make themselves better, but to have fun. I’m a big enforcer on, did you have fun? If you didn’t we need to readjust your goals. If you didn’t win, did you set a PR? Did you come close to a PR? You took last place, but did you do the best that you could?”

“Our exchange student Hinata Kanamaru from Japan is a junior this year. A few weeks ago, she was throwing 38 feet. Today she hit 50,” added Burnett. “She is growing, and she is excited. That’s what I want my kids to take away from today and going into the next meet.”

The Bulldogs men were led by Junior Jack Nguyen, who with a time of 16.92 finished second in the 110m Hurdles, then had a PR of 42.15 to finish second in the 300m hurdles.

“This is his (Ngyuen’s) first full year of doing hurdles, he’s going to be really good. Last year was a shortened season so he didn’t really get to train as hard but this year he is really putting in the work, now he’s first in the 3A and right behind everyone else in the 1A-6A,” said Nick Bronson, who is the Bulldogs sprints and hurdles coach.

Senior Gonzalo Cardenas finished 7th in the 3000m with a PR of 10:53.71. Mason Barrett and Jaden Peek finished 8th and 9th in the men’s 800m race out of 24 participants. Barrett and Peek also finished 5th and 8th in the 1500m for the Bulldogs.

For the Creswell women freshman Katarina Jakits, with a time of 2:41.70 finished 5th in the 800m race. Senior Harmony Goodman had a PR in the 1500m with a time of 5:23.94, good for 4th place. In the shot put, junior Kaitlyn Machado finished 6th while junior Samairah Quinones finished 7th to help the Bulldogs. Machado also finished 4th in the discus event with a 93’2 throw, a PR. Quinones was 5th in the javelin event.

“I honestly thought our whole team to competed today. It wasn’t the best weather conditions, but I think we’re peaking at the right time,” said Bronson of the Bulldogs.

Creswell participated in the ‘3A-SD4 meet’ at Pleasant Hill on Wednesday, and will take part in the Wally Ciochetti Invitational in Cottage Grove on Friday.