Business as usual while Latham prepares for closure

Latham School is set to close at the end of the school year.

A schoolwide celebration will be held May 31

With just a few months left in the school year, Latham School is preparing for its final days. 

With the school closing at the end of the year, the coming weeks will be full of finalizing information about where staff and students will be placed next year in addition to updated school district lines. 

But for now, Latham is about business as usual.

“We’re trying to stay the course so the kids don’t see this as being much of a different year,” said Latham principal Anne Fisk at this month’s school board meeting. 

As old traditions such as a penny war, lap-a-thon and field day are still in play, the school and the district are also getting ready for a celebration. 

Fisk added, “We’re just staying the course and just having as many as little celebrations and big celebrations as we can until the end of the year.”

While there will be various classroom and school-wide celebrations, there is also a community celebration of Latham that will be at 5 p.m. on May 31. The celebration will give members of the community a chance to take in the Latham building in addition to hearing from speakers and seeing a video about the history of the school. 

The district and Latham are also looking for those who were connected to the school in some way to share their favorite memories of the school. There is a link on the school’s website ( for individuals to make sure their memory is included.


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