Candidate list set for local election this November

With the passing of the Aug. 25 filing deadline for the City of Cottage Grove mayoral and councilor positions, candidates are now officially set for the Nov. 3, 2020, general election.

Along with the mayoral position, Ward 2 Councilor, Ward 4 Councilor and a Councilor at Large position will be on the ballot. 

The mayor’s seat is currently held by Jeff Gowing, the Councilor at Large position by Kenneth Roberts, Ward 4 by Greg Ervin and Ward 2 is vacant due to the passing this year of Councilor Bob Ehler.

The Cottage Grove City Council is a seven-person board consisting of the mayor and six councilors.

While the mayor serves a two-year term, the councilor positions are four-year terms, at least half of which are up for election every two years.

Four of the councilors must reside in the specific ward to which they are elected and the two remaining councilors are elected at-large.

Candidates who have filed for positions are listed on the city’s website.

In the running for Mayor of Cottage Grove are incumbent Jeff Gowing and Ivan Del Sol.

For the Councilor at Large position, incumbent Kenneth Michael Roberts and Chalice MP Savage have filed.

For the vacant seat of Ward 2, Jon Stinnett is now running unopposed since the withdrawal of Ashley Rigel on Aug. 18.

Lastly, incumbent Councilor Greg Ervin has filed for Ward 4 and is running unopposed.

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