Cannabis facility up in flames

In December of last year, Miguel Tena applied for a conditional use permit from the city of Cottage Grove to begin processing cannabis oil at an exisiting marijuana facility on Lane St. in downtown Cottage Grove. He told city officials that the building would be equipped with explosion-proof fans, ventilation, a six-foot fence and that it wouldn't emit any odors associated with the production of 50 to 100 pounds of product a week.

On November 16, the air in downtown Cottage Grove had a distinct twinge of marijuana. The facility was on fire.

At approximately 4 p.m., South Lane County Fire and Rescue as well as Cottage Grove Police gathered at the scene where, reportedly, a piece of equipment was left on. One person was taken to the hospital in Eugene.

Arson investigators were on the scene Friday but have yet to release information concerning the investigation. Local fire authorities said on Monday that all information has been turned over to the CGPD, Oregon State Police and the DEA.


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