Cart before the horse; Support carousel — Letters to the Editor for 8-21-19

Placing the cart before the horse

Life, for all of us, is a matter of priorities. Affordable housing is a definite concern in Cottage Grove, but it appears the city is unaware what is most important for its current citizens.

The Harrison School asset could be leveraged for the City of Cottage Grove’s future for generations. Generating revenue with a center for our youth and community is just one idea. Real estate prices are increasing in Oregon, so why take this precious asset and give it to a land developer?

Developers arrive with big ideas, short-sighted goals, make the most money, then leave the community.

Cottage Grove currently has many priorities of concern. Adding more people will only increase current issues of street repair, our children’s futures, maintenance of our skate park, police and fire response being stretched, failing sewer systems, water costs, aging treatment plants, addiction issues, power resource shortages, and the very important lack of good paying  jobs for its citizens.

Before we add more people, it’s important to plan for the already stressed infrastructure.

I urge the City of Cottage Grove administrators to please reconsider the future of selling off Cottage Grove’s land assets to developers.

Get input before you impose development on existing neighborhoods. To increase Cottage Grove’s population without consideration of the related impact is a flawed concept.

Cottage Grove administrators might instead focus on creating an environment that will bring companies that bring jobs. Our economic health is critical to the foundation and future of Cottage Grove.

A one-time profit from the sale of a precious asset like Harrison School puts the cart before the horse.

—Linda Yellin

Cottage Grove

Support CG Carousel through final concert

The Friends of the Cottage Grove Carousel encourage you to attend the fourth and final musical program of the four-concert series.

It has been an immense pleasure presenting the Cascade Chorus, Windy Ridge, Calvary Creek and Jackie Jae and Jason Cowsill. And the final attraction: Men from SURF.

Those of you who have followed the series, please remember and note that all these talented people gave their time and talent to bring awareness and promotion to the carousel project and its building fund needs.

Friends of the Cottage Grove Carousel are deeply appreciative of the donated time.

And our sincere thanks to Calvary Chapel and their Board of Directors and Pastor Smith for their generous dona­tion of the use of their chapel to present our concerts.

—Donald Williams

Friends of The Cottage Grove