CGHS hosts online scholarship awards night

Cottage Grove High School (CGHS) seniors won’t get the chance to walk to the podium to receive their degrees, but school officials are doing what they can to honor this year’s graduating class.

On Wed., Mar. 27 CGHS kicked off a series of graduation festivities by holding an online scholarship awards night where over $100,000 in financial aid was handed out to dozens of members of the class of 2020.

The event was hosted by CGHS principal Kevin Herington who opened the broadcast by saying, “Tonight we celebrate our seniors and their last four years of academic successes, contributions to our extracurricular programs and countless hours of community service.”

The night was not only a testament to the students of CGHS, but also local businesses and organizations as the six-figure dollar amount handed out in awards was solely money raised within the Cottage Grove community.

A large portion of scholarships given were prepared by the Cottage Grove Community Foundation (CGCF) scholarship committee. With awards to 61 students in the 2020 class, totalling $65,750, the CGCF achieved two meaningful milestones: since its inception in 2002, the CGCF has now given out over 1,000 total scholarships and the total amount awarded surpassed $1 million.

CGHS seniors Berenice Hernandez, Isis Becerra-Aguilar, Kathryn Geisler, Alvaro Miranda, Natalie Popowski and Lizbeth Zarate-Hernandez were this year’s recipients of the CGCF general fund scholarships.

Other local businesses and organizations who contributed to this year’s scholarship awards include: Territorial Seed Company, PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Hospital, CG Board of Realtors, CG Lions Club, Aetna, OSEA, the Elks Lodge, the Masonic Lodge, Kiwanis Sunrise Club, Bohemia Mine Owners Association, American Legion, the Youth Advisory Council, KPNW, as well as a number of local families.

In addition to the recipients listed above, a number of CGHS seniors ended their high school careers as the recipients of multiple local scholarships: Izebelle White (Creager Family, Rolnick Family, Bjornn Family, Margaret May Anibal, Michelle Portmann, and Ethel Krauss scholarships), Shane Raum (William Trotter, Chambers Family for LCC, Margaret May Anibal, CGHS staff, Bohemia Mine Owners Association, and South Lane Food Service scholarships), Haylee Oxenford (Creager Family, Chambers Family for LCC, Michelle Portmann, Kiwanis Sunrise Club, and London School scholarships), Austin Dempsey (South Lane Education Fund, CGHS Staff, OSEA and OSEA Guy Davis, London School, and Junior First Citizen scholarships) and many others.

Next on the schedule for CGHS graduation festivities is the cap and gown handout which will take place Thurs., Jun. 4 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the high school. The official graduation ceremony is set to take place this Sat., Jun. 6 beginning with the online portion at 11 a.m.

Full list of scholarships and recipients

Community Foundation General Fund: Berenice Hernandez, Isis Becerra-Aguilar, Kathryn Geisler, Alvaro Miranda, Natalie Popowski, Lizbeth Zarate-Hernandez

Creager Family: Leyla Ayers, Kaila Ollivant, Haylee Oxenford, Izebelle White, Kaylee Yeo

Bauder Family: McKenna Tucker

Rolnick Family: Izebelle White

William Trotter: Shane Raum

Bjornn Family: Izebelle White

Cothrell and Waugh Families: Cynthia Wright

Territorial Seed Company: Cameron Anderson

Krista Parent Scholarship: Justin Francis

Roger and Eileen Russell: Gricelda Lopez-Martin

Orlie Kingzett: Lizbeth Zarate-Hernandez

South Lane Education Fund: Austin Dempsey

Summer Solesbee: Berenice Hernandez, Jasmine Izucar, Erin Foreman-Bracht (class of ’17, renewable scholarship), Cassidy Lusson (class of ’18, renewable scholarship), Haley McKay (class of ’19, renewable scholarship)

Peace Health Cottage Grove Community Hospital: Morgan Vail, Rodas Rodas Martin

William Abbott Memorial: Cynthia Wright

Sabrina Dake Honorary CNA: Jazmine Izucar

Mary Kingsett Memorial Nursing: Jasmine Izucar

Gorny Memorial: Mikayla Baird, Megan Schatz

Jim Wright Memorial: Oden Armstrong, Chloe Malmstedt

Chambers Family Scholarship for LCC: Leyla Ayers, Annie Gibson-Becker, Jasmine Izucar, Haylee Oxenford, Shane Raum, Rodas Rodas Martin, Kaylee Yeo

CG Board of Realtors Opportunity: Justin Francis 

Elizabeth Stewart Memorial: Elise Smith

Brunaugh/Nelson Memorial Music: Elise Smith

Porter Allen Memorial: Emma Burleson, Chelsea Armstrong (class of ’18, renewable scholarship), Lucas Davey (class of ’19, renewable scholarship

Howard Peterson: Joleen Skiller, Raven Young

CG Lions Club: Joleen Skiller

Margaret May Anibal Scholarship: Cameron Anderson, Isis Becerra-Aguilar, Chloe Malmstedt, Natalie Popowski, Shane Raum, Izebelle White, Cynthia Wright; RENEWABLE: Clover Rudicel, Faryn Dahlen, Spencer Falk, Kate Johns, Cassidy Lusson, Josef Pifer, Kenzie Parsons

Michelle Portmann Scholarship: Annie Gibson-Becker, Gricelda Lopez-Martin, Haylee Oxenford, Rodas Rodas Martin, Elise Smith, Joleen Skiller, Izebelle White; RENEWABLE: Chelsea Armstrong, Markus Julien, Eric Cortes, Hailey McKay, Shaelyn Stevenson

GRIT Scholarship: Natalie Popowski

Coast Fork Scholarship: Natalie Popowski, Fernando Soto-Cruz, Lizbeth Zarate-Hernandez

CGHS Staff: Shane Raum, Austin Dempsey

Barri Martin Scholarship: Nadia Witt 

Dodge Scholarship: Carson Kane

Coiner Scholarship: Carina Bean

Natural Resource Scholarship: Cameron Anderson

Ethel Krauss Scholarship: Annie Gibson-Becker, Gricelda Lopez-Martin, Izebelle White

Aetna Community Service: Nadia Witt

Doyle and Donna Shepherd Scholarship: Madison Giffen, Jasmine Izucar, Gricelda Lopez-Martin, Kaila Ollivant, Jordan Plueard, Morgan Vail

OSEA: Austin Dempsey

Latham School Scholarship: Mikayla Baird, Justin Francis

Elks Lodge:  Mikayla Baird, Oden Armstrong, Logan Nelson

Masonic Lodge: Joleen Skiller, Armando Garza, Lizbeth Zarate-Hernandez, Anthony Liserre, Emma Burleson, Oden Armstrong

Prospectors and Golddiggers: Layla Ayers

Kiwanis Sunrise Club Dick Kinnear: Joleen Skiller, Jasmine Izucar, Haylee Oxenford

Kiwanis Sunrise Club Frank Long: Leslie Chacon-Romero

Kiwanis Sunrise Club Lloyd Eastman: Morgan Vail

Kiwanis Sunrise Club Michelle Portmann: Mikayla Baird

Kiwanis Sunrise Special: Oden Armstrong 

London School: Lily March, Haylee Oxenford, Taylor McVey, Nadia Witt, Austin Dempsey

Bohemia Mine Owners Association: Shane Raum

Glenn Perry: Elise Smith

U of O Withers/Hawley: Leslie Chacon-Romero

American Legion: Kaylee Yeo, Armando Garza

Youth Advisory Council Pat Patterson: Fernando Soto-Cruz

Gloria Discerni Scholarship: Elida Lopez-Martin, Anthony Liserre

CG Old School Mates: Cameron Anderson, Lizbeth Zarate-Hernandez, Justin Francis

CGHS FBLA Business: Nadia Witt

CG Wayne Shields: Jasmine Izucar

Ernie Martin Wrestling: Fernando Soto-Cruz

Junior First Citizen: Oden Armstrong, Austin Dempsey

KPNW Healthcare Career: Berenice Hernandez, Jasmine Izucar

OSEA Guy Davis: Austin Dempsey

Renaissance: Fernando Soto-Cruz, Lizbeth Zarate-Hernandez

South Lane Food Service: Shane Raum

Stand for Children: Emma Burleson


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