City council adopts disaster mitigation plan

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The Cottage Grove City Council approved an update to the city's natural hazards mitigation plan during its Monday, April 10 meeting. 

"It is a basic requirement to be eligible for FEMA funds," new community development and planning departmen head Faye Stewart informed the commission. 

In the event of a natural disaster, Cottage Grove must have a mitigation plan in place to be considered eligible for recovery funds from the federal government. And, according to the mitigation plan, Cottage Grove is at risk for several potential natural disasters.

In the order of most severity, Stewart noted that the city is most at risk from flooding in the ravine, followed by severe weather, an earthquake, floods from a dam failure and finally, wildfires. 

While resident Dylan Man noted that the mitigation plan did not include citizen groups such as the amateur radio club, Cottage Grove City Manager Richard Meyers explained the group was already involved in emergecy plans for the city.

"This is mitigation," he said. "Emergency response is different. There are a lot of different plans and they all go into action at different times."

The city's mitigation plan is meant to map out ways to reduce the cost of life and property in the event of a natural disaster before the incident occurs.

However, the city does have an emergency response plan in place that is aimed at rallying resouces in the event of a natural disaster and assessing the damages. Meyers noted that the radio groups were included in the city's emergency response plan. 

In 2005, the city adopted its first resolution regarding mitigation and in 2012, adopted a revised version. Statute notes that plans should be adopted every five years.

Stay tuned to The Sentinel for a comprehensive look at the mitigation plan. 

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