City Council application deadline nears

Applicants have until Aug. 25 to apply for positions

As the Aug. 25 filing deadline for the City of Cottage Grove mayoral and councilor positions approaches, applicants around The Grove have begun to throw their hat in the ring.

Three seats on the Cottage Grove City Council and the office of mayor will be filled by voters in the General Election this Nov. 3. 

Along with the mayoral position, Ward 2 Councilor, Ward 4 Councilor and a Councilor at Large position will be on the ballot.

The mayor’s seat is currently held by Jeff Gowing, the Councilor at Large position by Kenneth Roberts, Ward 4 by Greg Ervin and Ward 2 is vacant.

Currently, the city lists two candidates as having filed for the position of mayor, two for the at-large councilor position, two for Ward 2 and one for Ward 4.

The Cottage Grove City Council is a seven-person board consisting of the mayor and six councilors.

While the mayor serves a two-year term, the councilor positions are four-year terms, at least half of which are up for election every two years.

Four of the councilors must reside in the specific ward to which they are elected and the two remaining councilors are elected at-large.

The Cottage Grove City Council is the highest authority within city government in shaping local policy. It acts as the city’s legislative body by adopting budgets, ordinances and regulations, among other duties.

During council meetings, the mayor serves as the presiding officer and may appoint individuals to committees and work groups. The mayor also acts as the public face of the community by representing the city at community events or government functions.

Though a voting member of the council, the mayor has no veto authority.

No councilor or mayor may receive compensation for serving in their official capacity.

Candidates for these positions must be registered to vote in the City of Cottage Grove and must have been a resident for at least one year immediately preceding the election to the office they are seeking.

Candidates filing for a ward position must reside in the ward represented at the time of their nomination and election.

There are two ways in which a candidate may file: by petition or by declaration.

Filing by petition requires the collection of a specific number of verified signatures with completed candidacy material.

Filing by declaration requires the payment of $15 and completion of candidacy material.

Prior to beginning a campaign, a candidate must complete forms required by both state and local election laws.

The complete packet of required forms and information is available at City Hall in the city manager’s office.

Persons interested in filing for one of the available positions may contact the City Elections Official Trudy Borrevik at 541-942-5501 to schedule an appointment to go over and receive the candidate information packet.

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