City council debrief

The Cottage Grove City Council met Monday, Jan. 8 for a regularly scheduled meeting spanning yearly awards, updates on road work and housekeeping items. 


City Manager Richard Meyers informed the board that the city has cleaned-up its nuisance ordinance to reflect changes to the "Person in Charge." The change comes after the city's entry into the real estate business by leasing a zombie house on 6th St. 

Cycle Oregon

The popular bike race was forced to cancel its event for the first time in its history last summer after wildfires spread through Oregon but cities are not walking away empty handed. The organization allowed registered riders to either collect their fees or opt to donate them to the cities along the route. Those funds came before the board on Monday for groups like the rotary club, chamber of commerce and police fund meant to reimburse the groups who had expended funds to help set-up, feed or otherwise interact with Cycle Oregon cyclists. The chamber received approximately $6,000, the rotary club $3,000 and the police fund $1,000. The funds must pass through a government agency or non-profit organization. 

Mr. President

Councilor Jake Boone was re-elected as the city council's president by a unanimous vote motioned by councilor Amy Slay. 

Swinging Bridge

Outspoken residents present during the discussion concerning the repair of the Swinging Bridge last year made themselves clear: any replacement must swing. However, according to councilor Garland Burback, some residents may be changing their tune. Burback informed the council that several of his neighbors and people in the community have asked if the city can simply replace the bridge rather than wait for funding and further planning to allow the bridge to swing. Meyers told the board that city engineers are currently working on designs for the bridge and could include options that would not move. 

Calendar for a cause

Councilor Amy Slay has produced a calendar of local officers for the Cottage Grove Police Department. Funds from the sale of the calendars will go toward planning the next Kickin' it with the Cops event this summer. The event--held for the first time last year--is meant to serve as a way for community members to meet local law enforcement. Calendars are $15 and are available at the Cottage Grove Police Department. 


The Youth Advisory Council was invited by Happy Valley to take part in the Youth Advisory Council Day at the state capital on Feb. 9. Unfortunately, several YAC members are involved in school sports and are unable to attend. Meyers told the board he was hoping to plan a separate YAC day in the future specifically for the Cottage Grove group. 


Grocery Outlet, high school athletic director Gary Roberts and Cheryl Bord were awarded certificates from Mayor Jeff Gowing as outstanding examples of businesses and residents in Cottage Grove. See page B12 for complete coverage. 

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