City council wrap-up for Feb. 12 meeting

Gateway Boulevard Improvements 

The City Council agreed to authorize an additional $52,035 of changes to the construction taking place to Gateway Boulevard improvements project. According to a memo from Ron Bradsby, the city engineer, to the mayor and the city council, the change order will cover costs for a “new water line crossing, longer water services, a new fire hydrant over excavation in storm drain trench due to clayey soils, additional rock needed in the over excavated areas and extra asphalt needed to meet conditions of ODOT permit as well as other areas with failing asphalt to make a cleaner project.” 

The area had to be improved because of an old pipe that was growing weak and had been in the ground since the mid-80s. The cost will be adding to the $258,640.80 price tag of the improvements. The council agreed unanimously to pass this change order. 

Cycle Oregon Grant

The city received a $3,500 grant from Cycle Oregon to install bike repair stations on the Row River bike trail. The city council unanimously agreed to add the services that they thought would be a welcome addition to the trail.

Mediation Services Offered

During the public comment portion of the meeting, two law students from the University of Oregon who are focused on conflict resolution extended their services to Cottage Grove. As a part of an internship the pair is looking to help individuals around Lane County bring parties together who are going through a dispute and help them settle their grievances. The pair was seeking approval from the city of Cottage Grove, looking to spread the word about what they will be doing and are hoping to find a space where they can meet once a month in the community. 

Zombie Houses Revisited 

After a fire in an abandoned house that occurred on Monday, three citizens that lived near the home spoke out about seeing what the city can do about individuals that “come in and do stupid things” one resident noted. The citizens noted that they see transients come into this home and disrupt the area. The individuals praised the speed at which the South Lane Fire and Rescue and the Cottage Grove Police Department arrived on scene but are looking to find preventive measures. 

Later in the meeting, city councilor Garland Burback brought up the issue again with city manager Richard Meyer as they looked for possible solutions to this problem that is occurring around town.

City Councilor Potluck

On February 20, the city councilors will be having a potluck at 6 p.m. in the Shepherd Room at the Cottage Grove Community Center & Library. The event that mayor Jeff Gowing noted that he stole the idea from a city up north as a way for city officials to be able to talk to community members. The event is open to the public and individuals are encouraged to bring food to share. 

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