City manager reviewed

Cottage Grove City Manager Richard Meyers is getting a pay raise. 

After evaluating the city manager’s performance in an executive session earlier this month, the Cottage Grove City Council voted to approve the city manager’s contract to reflect a 2.3 percent coat of living increase and bringing his total salary to $124,393.

“When I first arrived at council, I was hoping there was a dragon to slay,” Councilor Jake Boone said. “But to my great disappointment, Richard is a really awesome city manager, competent and has massive levels of integrity. A lot of other cities would hire him away if they could. I’m glad you’re here, everyone else should be,” Boone told Meyers. He went on to note that chatter on social media about Meyers’ job performance was unwarranted “There’s almost a one to one relationship to people who don’t like him to people who have no idea what’s going on in the city,” he said.

It was a common theme of the conversation that preceded a no discussion unanimous vote of approval. Councilor Mike Fleck also commended Meyers’ integrity while Councilor Burback said he had dealt with Meyers on a business level and appreciated his dedication to the community. 

Mayor Jeff Gowing told the crowd-thinned out by the departure of the local high school sports teams receiving an honor earlier Monday night—that Meyers went above and beyond his job description. Gowing said Meyers worked on his days off, attended community events and worked with the chamber of commerce to usher PakTech—a manufacturing company bringing jobs to the community—into Cottage Grove.

Councilor Amy Slay seconded her fellow councilors’ sentiments adding, “Thanks for putting up with us.” 

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