Community repairs and additions take center stage with Cottage Grove Council

The Cottage Grove City Council held a meeting on Aug. 22, with all councilors in attendance.

Item 8B on the agenda was a Housing Development Cost Assistance (HDCA) Request by City Manager Richard Meyers, who reminded the councilors that in 2020, they adopted the HDCA program, where the city can pull funds from building permits and System Development Charges into a trust fund for non-profits or government agencies, to build low-income housing.

Meyers described the request from the city to assist the Cottage Village Co-op with SDC permit fees, as part of a final phase to complete the intended project with an on-site Community Room.

The SquareOne Cottage Village Coalition is a nonprofit developer of permanently affordable housing co-ops in Lane County, opening the doors in 2020 to several tiny houses at 1430 E. Madison Ave. in Cottage Grove.

The Cottage Village Coalition seeks funding assistance from the city to pay for SDC and building permit fees for a Community Room at the site. And under ORS 223.297 – 223.314, SDCs may be used for capital improvements for parks and recreation.

Councilor Greg Ervin suggested the common area used by residents of the co-op should include residential appliances. The recommendation was also supported by Councilor Candace Solesbee, with an addition of an attached unit.

Although citing commercial ineligibility under MUPTE (Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption), Councilor Mike Fleck still supported the concept and welcomed conversation.

There was a motion by Councilor Chalice Savage to approve the request, with 75% eligible assistance for the SDCs and 100% for the building inspection, for the total of $5,545.

Councilor John Stinnett seconded the motion. There was no further discussion and no opposition, and the motion passed unanimously. 

Another item on the agenda was Change Order #2 for the Community Center Roof Repair Project. The Cottage Grove Community Center has been closed since Aug. 14 due to construction. The change order is to address rehabilitating the eight skylights in the roof, in an area of the roof that hasn't been removed. The requested change order total is $15,661.
The project is estimated to be approximately 80% complete. At this time, contractors said this will be the last change order needed to complete the project.

According to the memorandum by Public Works & Development Director Faye Stewart, the area in question may have dry rot that will need to be repaired and necessitate a potential additional change order.
All council members were in favor of the roof repair, so the order request passed without opposition.

There were no resolutions and ordinances, and the consent agenda was approved and passed with no opposition.

Though there were no public hearings, the floor was open to public comment by the appearances of three interested citizens for items not on agenda. One concerned citizen reiterated alleged complaints against a local business to the council. Another citizen described traffic annoyances caused by residents serving food to others in the community. And one citizen thanked the council for approving the low-barrier shelter on Highway 99.

There were no concerns from council, nor a report from the city manager. 

The next regular Cottage Grove City Council meeting is scheduled for Sept. 12, at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

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