Confidence with Collage: Tara Noble at the Brewstation

The art world isn't a location meant to be visited by invitation only. It is magnetic and innovative, and once the artist and observer are immersed within it, they drift between the fine lines of what is real and what is perceived. There are rules of composition, of course: concepts and method; then there are the elements: the medium, the muse.

For Tara Noble, creating collages with mixed media has given her confidence that she didn’t have before. Her work makes passionate statements, with each frame displaying cleverly constructed layers, and the layers comprised of materials Noble finds at secondhand stores.

Noble began her artistic career by making collages and postcards. Early on, her personal evolution was still in progress and, fearful of criticism, so Noble faced challenges to create palatable works that the public would like or understand.

Professionally, Noble works 50 hours a week with children. She said she generally likes to spend her spare time unwinding in her cabin but that her passion lies in her art. "I started experimenting with three-dimensional collage,” Noble told the Sentinel. “I would get a lot of the materials - like frames - from places like thrift stores and then use items from yard sales, cereal boxes, and lacquer trays for the multi-layer experience." 

The artwork described above was featured in Noble’s second art show, which sold out.

Nobel's latest show is currently on display at the Brewstation in Cottage Grove. Entitled “The Heart Wants What,” the pieces reflect the beauty that mixed media can achieve when an experienced storyteller weaves a crafty tale. This is Noble’s third show here in Cottage Grove, and she admittedly is beginning to feel comfortable in her personal growth and artistic evolution, she said.

She commits to the objects she selects for her collage work, makes up a layout, and then adds items or takes away items away from the final product until it the piece is done. At the end of the process, each work is a handcrafted love letter to its original source of inspiration.

Noble will be the featured artist at the Brewstation during the July 29 Art Walk. She will also be showing her work soon show at the Covered Bridge Brewery this September. 


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