Contractor teaches students construction essentials at Crow

November 10 - Crow High School students are learning the ropes in construction with their instructor and local Cottage Grove contractor, Kyle Kishen. Since September, Kishen has been teaching construction classes in the mornings and running Kyle Kishen Construction with the remainder of his day.

“I have a great team that makes it work really well. I am only two months in, but I'm totally enjoying working with the kids and seeing them step out of their comfort zone and try new things,” Kishen said.

His construction company has been in operation since 2008, and Kishen is no stranger to working with teenagers. This has included his own children, coaching them through local high school sports.

At Crow High School, Kishen instructs the Construction Technology/Wood Shop class, and the kids show an aptitude for picking things up quickly.

In these classes, they are all getting along and learning practical skills in a crafty trade. And for Kishen, working with a mix of high school students on their initial project, a sturdy shed, will lead them all to complete additional projects.

On their first project, the class was able to sell the shed and are now building another shed to sell. Next will be a greenhouse for the AGG department. Later, Kishen will soon be building tiny houses for the homeless funded by St. Vincent DePaul.

Learn more about Kishen and his basic carpentry class at Crow High School as the project progresses through the school year.