Cottage Grove Municipal Jail inmate escapes, gets caught

Updated: 5:17 p.m.

Wednesday morning an inmate from the Cottage Grove Municipal Jail escaped as he was being moved from the building. The inmate, 28-year-old Zackery Scott Yocham, ran away from officers but was located and taken to custody about ten minutes later according to a Cottage Grove Police Department (CGPD) news release.

Yochman, who was being held for a probation violation and a theft case, has been taken to Lane County Jail. In the ten minutes that he was out, he reportedly attempted to steal a car but after hearing the woman who was getting into the car scream, he ran away.

CGPD is familiar with Yochman, who was born and raised in Cottage Grove, and they report that they have had multiple contacts with him and have arrested him multiple arrests.