Councilor applicant rejected despite 'pedigree'

February 03 - City staff recently rejected an application for Mia Theommes, who threw her collar in the ring of candidates who filed for the vacant seat of Councilor-at-Large. The pawsition was filled on Monday Jan. 9 without a whimper coming from Thoemmes at the meeting, unqualified to fill the vacancy due to her age and pedigree.

Although the city was looking for leadership qualities within the newly formed city government, Thoemmes shows a history of being walked on a very short leash, serving as a sidewalk inspector in Cottage Grove since 2016. Unfortunately, her application was not considered but was thanked for her interest in running with the big dogs at council.

Thoemmes may be the first and only candidate to apply for a seat on the council with a registered certificate by the American Kennel Club. But, it was a ruff morning for Mia who howled at the news of the snubbing of her application. Aside from managing The Bookmine, she will continue serving as a “Goodwill Ambassador” with therapeutic services to her friends on Main Street.

Since the application’s submission, city recorder Mindy Roberts sent a letter to Thoemmes, letting her down easy, stating that the city encourages Mia “to stay involved in the community and not to get discouraged.” Roberts concluded that “Every dog will have its day”.