Covered Bridge Pickleball Jamboree held

The 1st Covered Bridge Brewing Pickleball Jamboree was held Sunday June 19th after being rain delayed the previous weekend. 

It was a small tournament designed to give players of all levels of experience the feel of what it is like to play in an official tournament setting. 

Twelve players participated and played one game with each of the other participants, making for 11 games total. 

Points were tallied and prizes given for most points, second most points, closest to 50% of the points and fewest points. 

Winners were selected from both ends of the spectrum so people felt they could participate and still have a chance at winning. Since it was points based, players didn’t necessarily have to take a win in the game to come out in the standings. 

The group gathered at Covered Bridge Brewing to award prizes and socialize afterward. 

“It was a fun event and our hope is to hold it on an annual basis,” Connie Pifer said.