Creswell Girls look to grow from last year

Near the end of the shortened season last year, the Creswell girls basketball team really started to click winning their last three out of four games. In those three victories, Creswell scored just over 50 points per game while holding their opponents to 20 points per game. 

The good news is, everyone for Creswell is returning for this season in 2021/22 and has fifth-year Head Coach Tyler Hollingsworth excited to keep building on what the team started to put together at the end of last year. 

“The positive for us is we didn’t lose anybody,” said Hollingsworth. “So, we were almost just using that time to build, and hopefully, that would transition and we would just keep growing from last year for this year. I felt we finished the season really strong and we were just starting to figure out how to play and come together, do the right things. And so, we were just trying to use that transition we had a pretty good summer league and we’re just trying to keep building on that.”

Emme Whitson, Samairah Quinones, Karinna Leonard, and Emma Maness highlight the group returning for the Bulldogs who are not so far removed from last season. 

Coach Hollingsworth feels this group can continue to build on their recent experiences for a shot at moving up the league standings. 

“I’m excited because we’re building off something we already know,” said Hollingsworth. “I’m not having to reteach a lot of stuff. I was just so ready to get going and we can jump in a little bit faster than normal. Normally, we have to reteach everything but these kids know what they’re doing and are in the right spot. So now we’re just fine-tuning and I’ve enjoyed that part.”

Hollingsworth added, “Our expectation is to compete for a league title. It’s a process no doubt you have to do every step it’s built brick by brick to get there. But I want them to have expectations and be realistic that this is where we can be and this is what we can do and I believe we can be there.”

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