Creswell school board nixes transfer caps, approves audit

Last week on Wednesday, Feb. 9, Creswell School District board members and Superintendent Mike Johnson ran through a lengthy agenda tackling a multitude of issues. 

In unfinished business from the previous meeting, the board voted to approve no transfer caps before the first semester of the school year within the district in grades K-11 after a recommendation from Johnson. The district will continue to not allow transfers in the second semester going forward. 

The board also approved the 2021 financial audit report for the previous school year given by Larry Grant. 

Superintendent Johnson presented student achievement data to the rest of the board on the past two years. The benchmarks have traditionally come from the state and in normal circumstances would be looked at annually, but some student achievement data such as English, language arts, math and science haven’t had a new state assessment since 2019. 

“However, we do have current summative data for ninth grade on track, graduation cohort rates, completion rates, five-year completer and regular attendance rates,” said Johnson. “This spring, we will be administering the state assessment for the first time since 2019. And we’ll have a new set of student achievement data for ELA math and science to include in our student achievement data trends for 2022.” 

The topic will be finished at another meeting with data continuing to come in following the Omicron spike in January. 

Joel Higdon later discussed the district office facility at Creslane getting an upgrade with a new exterior door and vestibule coming later this year. That will give easier public access to the district office and address any possible safety concerns at the elementary school. 

“That’s the main purpose, because it compromises the security of the kids (at the elementary school),” said Johnson. “It’s been pointed out as in our long-range facility needs and pointed out in our safety assessment as a security issue.”

Superintendent Johnson’s full evaluation for his position as the superintendent will come from the board next month at another meeting. 

The meeting wrapped up with Johnson and the board deliberating labor negotiations in executive session. The board did not vote on anything coming out of the session.


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