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Follow up on: Tony, his dog, Budley, a stranger and our TV appearance.

AUG. 25 - Briefly: Tony had a life-threatening trip to the hospital leaving Budley home alone. Left with the responsibility of Budley, I contacted Newsie, who volunteered herself and her dog, Buttons, as Budley’s foster family.

Tony, Newsie, and I were strangers. I met him walking his dog, three blocks from home and we became walking partners featured in Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales article, ‘Walking Budley’s’. Our friendship evolved, so he trusted me to enter his home and help his treasured dog.

Newsie was a stranger to us too, we’d said, "Hi" twice at the dog park and she was featured in the Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales article, ‘Button’s ‘Newsie’.

It makes one wonder what best friends and wonderful memories others miss by not opening their hearts and saying "Hello" to strangers, because all of us ‘strangers’ were there for each other. Dogs bring people together in amazing ways!

I emailed Portland’s KGW8 about a paws-ible feature on three strangers and acts of kindness. Katherine Cook, an Emmy-winning journalist, jumped on our story for her good news segment.

When Tony was released from the hospital Newsie drove Budley back ‘home’ for their reunion. Dogs recognize each other and their humans from scent. Budley jumped out of the car and made a beeline into the house in search of his veteran, Tony. But Tony smelled like the hospital. Budley was confused but quickly realized his ‘error’ and jumped up onto the couch for a cuddle. Tony wrapped his arms around his best buddy and cried, “This is the happiest day of my life. I missed my dog more than anyone will ever know.”

This is Tony’s first dog, and a rescue. It was during Covid that Budley instantly lifted Tony’s intense loneliness and he gave up antidepressants. “Loneliness can be misinterpreted as depression and Budley filled that void. During my hospital rehab, I missed him and told the staff that if they did not let Budley visit me, I would leave.”

“Dogs are good medicine. Every doctor should write a paw-scripton for a dog and forget about handing out pills,” suggested Tony. “Budley and I are close, contented partners going through life together.”

Tony’s health has improved, and he and Budley are back walking for their spirits and exercise.

Newsie confessed, “I fell in love with Budley. Everyone is happy that he’s reunited with Tony, but

Buttons and I miss him, so I’m taking the fur buddies on a camping trip.”

This is the first TV appearance for Tony, Budley, Newsie and Buttons and it’s my 25th. View: KGW8's Pacific Storyland


- Place an ICE (In Case of Emergency) “PET HOME ALONE” card in your wallet and on your Emergency phone app notifying authorities that your pets need care. Include names, photos and phone numbers of people to notify.

Your refrigerators’ ICE envelope should contain your prescribed medicines. But also, WHO is going to be responsible for your pets. List the number of pets, names, food brands, veterinarian, medicine’s location and diet restrictions.

Do your pet due diligence. Include them in your will. Who will care for your animals? Designate funds to support them until the end of their lives. Don’t let beloved pets end up in a pet shelter to be euthanized. If you know a friend with no one to leave their pets too, paws-ibly volunteer to accept the animals easing the neighbor/friend’s mind.

Lonely? Adopt a rescue dog, go to the local dog park and meet your other ‘next best friend’.

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