Dorcas Lorraine McCutcheon

Dorcas Lorraine McCutcheon passed away suddenly on December 21, 2019. She had cookies in hand and was on her way to share some laughs with her family--as we know, Dorcas’s friends were also her extended family.

Dorcas was born on December 3, 1952, to William Wittrock and Renata Lorraine Wittrock. Dorcas’s affinity for animals began at an early age, and her trust in and love for animals of all types was something that would continue throughout her lifetime, from dogs and cats to pigeons and goats and horses. She also loved her garden and the ocean and taking people in and being a helper. Dorcas’s creative spirit and artistic ability allowed her to express herself and to craft items of enduring charm and whimsy. Dorcas knew how to laugh, and with her kookie-bird sense of humor, she laughed with us and helped us to laugh. She valued helping, and when faced with a challenge, she would take it on with a will. Dorcas was a strong, loyal woman who worked hard and loved deeply, and her enduring spirit is something we can all hold on to.

Dorcas is survived by her daughters, Heather Burzacott, Heidi Peschel, and Amber Quatier, and by her sister, Sandy Pike, and her brother, William Wittrock, and by her beloved grandchildren, Dylan and Monet Burzacott, and Aislynn and Irelynn Quatier, and by her soul sisters, Bonnie Gilvin and Nancy Young.

We take comfort in knowing that Dorcas and Larry are holding hands and having a laugh in Heaven, together again forever.

A memorial and potluck will be held on January 3, 2020, 1:30-4:00 P.M. at the Cottage Events Venue, 2915 Row River Road, Cottage Grove, OR.