Elks buck Warriors at home

On Friday (April 2), Elkton’s football team hosted Siletz Valley at home. The Elks played an outstanding game and were able to defeat the Warriors soundly, 45-26.

According to coach Jeremy Lockhart, the Elks were on fire from the get-go.

“We came out of the gates really well, we were flying,” said Lockhart. “We got on it early, and we took a pretty commanding lead.”

Elkton scored 18 points in the first quarter. Cooper Peters had the first touchdown rushing, followed by Jayce Clevenger throwing the second touchdown to Ben Bowen. Peters then had a 49-yard touchdown.

They only allowed the Warriors one touchdown in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Peters had a five-yard touchdown run. Clevenger then had a 59-yard touchdown pass to Peters, who had a 15-yard touchdown run after that, allowing the Elks to score 20 points in the second quarter, and bringing their score to 38.

They managed to keep Siletz at 12 points, allowing them only one touchdown in the second quarter as well. At halftime, the score was 38-12 in Elkton’s favor.

“I was really impressed with our defense,” said Lockhart. “That was probably our best defensive game, besides the Jewell game, which was a good game, too, defensively. We tackled really well, we were flying to the ball, and I was really impressed with our defense for the game.”

The Warriors did try to make a comeback in the second half.

“Siletz, I’ll give them all the credit in the world, they came out firing in the second half, and it was it was a battle for sure.”

Siletz was able to score 14 points in the third quarter to Elkton’s seven, bringing the score to 45-26. Lockhart explained that the Elks were determined to hold the Warriors, regardless. Going into the fourth quarter, the Elks kept pushing.

Both teams turned the ball over on downs several times as the clock ran down.

“By that point, it was about three minutes to go,” said Lockhart. “We made a couple first downs, and then we just kneeled it down because they didn’t have any more timeouts.”

With neither team scoring in the fourth quarter, the final score was 45-26 with the Elks coming out victorious.

Statistically, the Elks had another great week. Peters had 16 carries for 244 yards and five touchdowns on the ground, as well as one conversion on the ground.

In rushing, Nathan Rausch had three carries for 20 yards, as well as a successful conversion.

Passing, Clevenger was five of 14 for 159 yards and two touchdowns, as well as one conversion through the air.

Receiver Ben Bowen had three receptions for 111 yards, one touchdown and one conversion.

Defensively, Clevenger was a beast for the Elks.

“This was definitely his best defensive game that I’ve ever seen him play,” said Lockhart. “He had 16 tackles. He was wreaking havoc through the middle. He also had a fumble recovery, and he had an interception.”

Also notable on defense, Anthony Alimenti picked the ball on a conversion play, getting a solid stop for the Elks.

Finally, Paul Yearous had the only quarterback sack of the game.

Looking forward, Elkton has one final league game on Friday (April 9), and next year they plan to stay as a six-man team for the time being. The Elks will lose five seniors, and while there will be several incoming freshman signing up, their numbers will likely not support an eight-man team just yet.

According to Lockhart, the decision was the best one for this school year, and it allowed Elkton’s program to perform their best given the issues at hand.

“It was definitely the right decision for us to go to six-man for this year,” said Lockhart. “I think it’s the right decision for us next year. But we’ll see, again, we’re not opposed to ever going back to eight-man. But this is a lot of fun, and the kids are loving it, and that’s the most important.”

The Elks’ final game this Friday is against Eddyville, beginning at 4 pm.

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