EPUD to work with customers on high electric bills

EPUD has issued an apology to customers following complaints of skyrocketing electric bills.


The company’s general manager Scott Coe released a statement Tuesday promising to waive all late fees related to December and/or January bills, replace those bills with a lower balance by enrolling customers in the company’s Equal Pay program and offer an extended payment arrangement for residents who would rather pay the billed amount.


“Over the past month, many of you have voiced concerns about high electric bills and the tiered rate structure that was implemented in April 2017,” Coe wrote. “Your phone calls, emails and public statements helped us realize we did not adequately prepare you for the impact this structure could have on bills during winter months. We also did not clearly communicate why we felt this was the right thing to do.”


Customers can contact (541) 746-1583 with questions.

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