Erwin Goins

Erwin Bernell Goins passed away July 3, 2018 at his home in Curtin, OR. He was born in Firesteel, SD on August 2, 1933 to Phillip and Grace (Holt) Goins. His family left South Dakota in 1935 because of the Dust Bowl. Erwin’s mother put the family’s animals and belongings on the milk train destined for Curtin.

  At age 20 he was drafted into the army, following a two-year deferment after his father’s death in a logging accident. He served two years at the Presidio in San Francisco as a medic during the Korean War. He helped unload POWs from incoming boats which was an eye opener to this young man astonished by the cruelty of mankind.

While stationed in San Francisco, Erwin met the love of his life, Mardel Howser. They married in 1955 and were together for 58 years until her death in 2013. Mardel and Erwin bought acreage in Curtin where they raised 10 children.

Erwin worked in local lumber and plywood mills for 30 years, half of that as a millwright. He then “retired” to run his Funny Farm Orchards for another 30 years. Many people knew and loved Erwin for his delicious fruits and honey, as well as for his willingness to share the gospel and his love for his heavenly Father. Although Erwin abandoned the hobbies of his youth, guitar playing and model airplane building when he and Mardel started their family, he enjoyed helping people through his skills at metal fabrication and welding. Erwin repaired logging equipment, made trailers, stoves, carts, racks and more for friends and neighbors.

He is survived by his 10 children, Stanley Goins, Marvin Goins, Clyde Goins, Ramona Campbell, Jason Goins, Clifford Goins, Elizabeth Fitch, Agnes Hosey, Rachel Sankokirchen, and Windell Goins, as well as by 24 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.