First performance of the Half-baked Hams

Nearly 50 invited guests enjoyed an evening of improv at the Opal Center in downtown Cottage Grove on July 31..The performers, collectively known as Half-baked Hams, started the evening off with a choir of complaints, each member expressing how angry something (teenagers, no toilet paper, slow drivers, etc.) makes them.

Responding to suggestions from the audience, the players performed several “games,” the improv term for a short skit. The suggestions ranged from emotional characters at Disneyland to three reasons, including a volcano, why the employee was late for work.

   “I think that this group brought energy and creativity to a first-time improvisational comedy show,” commented their teacher, Howard Hummel. “Some of the suggestions from the audience were a surprise, and the players didn’t miss a beat.”

   Half-Baked Hams have been practicing their skills weekly since April and are hoping to schedule more shows. If you’re interested in joining this group, contact [email protected].

Photo: Tom Perkins shows his imaginary baby to Jennifer Mandeville-Schulz with the support of Teresa Garner and Kimber Candelaria.

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