Five Lane County Officials sworn in, State of County given

January 12 - Five elected county officials – a mix of new and returning faces – were ceremonially sworn into office during Lane County’s annual State of the County Address this morning.  

Presiding Lane County Circuit Court Judge Jay McAlpin led each official in their oath of office before a room of family members, fellow officials, community members and county staff.

Assessor Mary Vuksich-Shafer, Justice of the Peace Richard Brissenden, and Commissioner Ryan Ceniga, District 1 West Lane, who said “Having the confidence of the voters in my district is a huge honor, but an even bigger responsibility.  I will work hard to continue to earn my fellow West Lane County residents’ respect.  I’m going to work on the tough issues like public safety that need to be prioritized.  My door will always be open to all as I serve the constituents of Lane County.”  

Commissioner David Loveall, District 2 Springfield and Commissioner Heather Buch, District 5 East Lane were also sworn in, she stated “As a mother, a military spouse, and someone who lives in rural Lane County, I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve my constituents across the county. As a representative of a politically and geographically diverse district, I always look for ways to put politics and ideology aside and focus on delivering on our shared goals for housing, mental health and public safety.”

Following the swearings-in, Commissioner Pat Farr, who served as chair in 2022, delivered the State of the County Address. His address focused on the intersection of behavioral health and public safety; it featured updates on key county projects and accomplishments during the past year. Local musicians Paul Biondi and Gus Russell added a festive note to the event.

“As we plan this coming year, knowing now so many things that we did not know four years ago—even one year ago, we must judiciously work with our own people, with our nonprofits, with the business community and with our cities and other jurisdictions to maximize how we provide the services we know we can do better at,” said Commissioner Pat Farr. “In this new year and beyond, with a new Board of Commissioners striving to find a balance that many never dreamed possible, we must make the most of what we have and leverage the things we need into truly making Lane County the Best County to live, work and play.”

The swearings-in and State of the County Address can be viewed at