‘Four-wheeling’ in The Grove

After a decades-long absence, indoor skating made a comeback in Cottage Grove on Sunday, Nov. 3.

Skate novices and enthusiasts alike strapped on their choice of skates provided by Skate World and made rounds to rhythmic tunes.

The Armory waived its rental fee for organizer Amber Miller, who rallied a team of volunteers.

“We’re going to cover our costs and then whatever’s left we’re donating to the Armory,” said Miller.

The day served to test the popularity of future skating events. Over several hours, 346 attendees rolled through.

Skate World, which recently lost its Springfield location after 42 years of operation, provided the equipment for Miller.

“We told her we’d do whatever was necessary to make it happen,” said Skate World General Manager Terrill Purvis. “We just want to provide skating for people.”


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