Fundraiser held for Dorena School outdoor covered learning space

Courtesy photo

May 19 - Dorena School will be hosting a South Lane School District fundraiser to raise money for building an outdoor covered learning space. Built in 1940, Dorena School is the only South Lane School that currently does not have an outdoor structure that is protected from the elements for students to enjoy recess, learning, or physical activity outside while it is raining or extreme temperatures. 

The school has been able to raise some funds so far but needs an additional $40,000 to be able to complete the build.

A “Hike-A-Thon” fundraiser in which students from every school in the district can ask people to sponsor them on a hike is now being held. People can sponsor student’s an amount per minute hiked or a flat rate donation. The event started May 13 and goes through May 21. Students can complete their hike any time during that week. 

Dorena School will have a booth set up at the school on May 20 to encourage families to hike on one of the many beautiful trails up in the Dorena/North Umpqua area, the school will be passing out snacks, maps, and hiking guides for kids.

The class, whether that be a grade level class, advisory, homeroom that brings in the most donations will earn an ice cream party.

There are three ways to pledge by sponsoring a student at a flat donation amount of $20, no matter how much they hike. Or you can pledge an amount for minutes hikes. Donations can be made directly to Dorena School at the front office.