Garden notice

On Tuesday, May 2, Cottage Grove Garden Club welcomes Carol Tannenbuam of McKenzie River Lavender. Carol will talk about the history of lavender cultivation and the history of her Farm (located just 10 miles east of Springfield). She'll also share insights in growing, harvesting and maintaining lavender in Oregon, and explore lavender products and their uses.

Carol Tannenbaum moved to Oregon in 1999 to retire on the McKenzie River and fly fish.  . Her desire to better utilize the soil led to starting McKenzie River Lavender in 2003.  Carol has been a member of the Oregon Lavender Association since 2006 and a charter member of US Lavender Growers Association since 2012. The Tannenbaums first opened their farm in July 2009 to visitors during the annual state wide lavender festival.

First Presbyterian Church, 216 South 3rd Street 7 p.m.