Grant opportunity in South Lane County Winter 2022/2023

January 12 - Yarg Foundation’s Healthy Families Initiative in South Lane County is seeking grant proposals through February 7th, 2023. Proposals should focus on programs that support and develop healthy relationships of and among children ages 5-18 years old living within the South Lane School district boundary through mentorship, activities, advocacy and education.

We support local grassroots community efforts which center the well-being of children and families. We hope for interventions that address potential problems before they occur. Yarg can fund recognized 501(c)(3) organizations and coalitions, as well as religious, educational or cultural institutions. We will review requests to fund work by individuals, but will encourage any grants directed to individuals to find a sponsoring organization or institution.

If selected, we can fund staff, supplies, capital projects and general operating expenses related to your project. We will consider grants that range between $500 and $75,000 per year for one to three years. Organizations that applied for Yarg funding previously can apply again. Proposals must provide services, space or support within the South Lane School District boundary.*

Beginning Dec. 15th fill out and submit the eligibility screen at:

If you meet the criteria:

• Yarg will reach out and interview you for more information about your proposal.

• Yarg will request a program budget and any existing descriptive materials of your project,

program and/or organization.

• Yarg staff will write a grant proposal on your behalf to be submitted to the review panel.

• Grant proposals will be reviewed by a community panel of members who live and/or work in

South Lane, as well as by Healthy Families’ committee and Yarg board members.

*Deadline for consideration: February 7th, 2023 with Award Announcement: April 5, 2023

For more information contact: Mariana Lindsay, Program Director: [email protected], during office hours, Monday-Thursday: 503-757-6356. Organizations do not need to be limited to providing services only in South Lane, and do not need to be located in South Lane, but Yarg’s funding focus will be on the work being done within South Lane.