Harnessing your dog

Well, the last thing I expected to see at Costco was a traveling road show of pet harnesses and leashes.

The impressive fit of the brightly colored products and the wisely added reflective material to the leash left me wondering who the genius was who designed these products. Intrigued, I phoned Woof Concept Products and entrepreneur and president Andy Song answered. Here is his story on how Pedro’s adoption created wonderful dog products, all due to a rescued-immigrant dog.

Pedro, a French bulldog, was discovered injured and unable to walk in Taiwan by an international animal rescue group. They saved the lucky dog from certain death and had him flown 10,000 miles to his new home with Andy and his wife, Tracy.

“When Pedro, Tracy and I went to pet stores and all we saw were aisles of boring collars, leashes and harnesses,” said Song. “We visited 20 stores and did not resonate with a single design. We wanted fun and unique ones constructed from quality materials. So, we solved the problem by leveraging our design and manufacturing experience creating Woof Concept’s first prototype.

As pet parents, Song said they treat their dogs like their kids. “So, when we went to the drawing board, we created something that was eye-catching and fun,” he said. “It’s like putting cute clothes on your children. Who wouldn’t want something cute and colorful on their puppies? We sure did. So, our core designs were geared towards ‘Fun’ while maintaining our mission statement that Woof Concept is committed to building amazing pet products that are uniquely de-signed without compromising quality.”

The Songs drafted the products using their “puppy parental instincts” while keeping safety paramount. As a result, they added a nighttime reflective material to their leashes. They also created a step-in harness for day-to-day walks, or a front-clip harness for training (directional steering when the dog pulls).

“We used premium graded nylon and polypropylene webbing, so the leashes are softer to hold,” Song said. “At dog parks, our design quickly caught people’s attention.

Song said the journey has been rewarding, providing him and Tracy with lots of positive feedback from customers.

“Some love our products so much that they bought our entire collection for their dog’s wardrobe/closet,” Song said. “They say that they have never seen such unique patterns and designs before. We also consistently receive appreciative comments on our reflective leashes.”

So how is four-year-old Pedro today? He is in full health, can walk and is living the Dogtrepreneur’s Dream. He has a younger sister now, named Marjorie, who is a three-year-old French bulldog rescued from a Taiwan puppy mill. 

“I grew up with my family adopting dogs from shelters and international rescue organizations,” said Song. “Therefore, rescued dogs hold a special place in my heart. Adopting an older dog is by far one of the most memorable moments of my life and I encourage those who are looking for a dog to consider a senior — no matter where it was born.”

If you have an idea for a pet product, remember that you too can create something to help the pet population while following your dreams.


“Collars are for displaying a dog’s visual identification tags,” advised Song. “We do not recommend using collars for walks. When a dog pulls, a collar damages their delicate trachea putting tension, and results in putting pressure around their eyes. Instead, use a front, step-in, clip harness for even distribution of pressure around the dog’s chest. The H-Harness or Front Clip Harness (used for training) are attached to the leash by a front ring at the dog’s chest. When the dog pulls, it redirects them towards the owner.”  (www.woofconcept.com)

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