Health officials confirm whooping cough cases in Douglas County

DCH says cases stem from recent Lane County outbreak

On Tuesday, Douglas County health officials announced the confirmation of several cases of whooping cough in county were connected to the recent outbreak in Lane County.

Known as pertussis, whooping cough is a respiratory illness that, among its symptoms, includes severe coughing that can be deadly for small children, infants and some seniors. One of the cases recently confirmed by DCH was within the North Douglas School District late last week.

All told, health officials say there have been fewer than 10 confirmed cases in north county but want residents in Douglas County to recognize the symptoms so that potential cases can be identified and treated.

"The most recognizable symptom is a really, really, really bad cough, said Douglas County Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer. “It usually starts off like a cold, but this cough progresses to the worst cough you've ever heard.”

Officials believe the whooping cough outbreak in Douglas County has been contained. However, the SCH wants the public to know that the best way to prevent the illness from spreading is to get vaccinated.

For more information on whooping cough or vaccinations, call Douglas County Health at Phone: 541-440-3571 or visit

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