High school safety threat ‘not credible’

South Lane School District (SLSD) and the Cottage Grove Police Department (CGPD) have issued statements asking the public not to worry after an investigation of a possible safety concern at the Cottage Grove High School turned out not be a “credible threat.”

After school on Oct. 18, Cottage Grove High School administration learned information of a possible safety threat and immediately notified CGPD and school district officials.

“CGPD investigated, the involved party was contacted and it was determined that the concern was not a credible threat,” said the SLSD statement.

Still, additional officers have been assigned to patrol schools in the community.

“The school district and police department are committed to provide a safe place for our students,” stated SLSD. “We appreciate the commitment of students, staff and the community to keeping our school safe.”

On Oct. 19, CGPD released a statement confirming additional officers on patrol “to try to alleviate any fears parents may have.”

However, the police department reinforced that the supposed threat was thoroughly investigated and determined not to be a concern.

“Please do not let social media skew the actual situation,” said the department in its statement. “We understand how frightening a real threat is and you can expect that we would communicate that if there truly was a situation to be wary of.”

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