Hiroshima Peace Tree added to Coiner Park

Children help dig a hole for the Hiroshima Peace Tree sapling planted in Coiner Park on Feb. 17.

Coiner Park received a new tree on Feb. 17 as Mayor Jeff Gowing and the Urban Forestry Committee held a planting ceremony for a Hiroshima Peace Tree.

The gingko biloba sapling was germinated from seeds of a gingko tree that survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima 75 years ago this August.

The sapling is one of 30 saplings that will be planted on public lands around the State of Oregon between now and May 2020.

The peace trees are part of a remembrance and reconciliation project organized by the One Sunny Day Initiative with the support of A-bombed Trees, Oregon Community Trees and the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Gowing proclaimed Feb. 17, 2020 “One Sunny Day of Peace” and held a moment of silence during the ceremony.

The One Sunny Day Initiative, founded by atomic bomb survivor Hideko Tamura Snider, aims to educate the public about the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and “plant seeds of peace, hope and reconciliation among people of the world.”


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