In Brief: City Council Meeting June 13, 2022

The Cottage Grove City Council met on Monday, June 13 with all councilors in attendance and a full agenda.

The council considered and adopted resolutions allowing the state revenue sharing money to include disbursement to Cottage Grove and a resolution which updated the state and city policies regarding the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers.

Finance Director Roberta Likens and Chief of Police Scott Shepard made brief presentations to council before both staff requests were approved unanimously.

Liken’s presentation incorporated minor changes suggested by members of the budget committee into the updated budget which were briefly touched on before the council approved the changes and moved the final vote for approval of the budget to the June 22 city council meeting.

The council also approved a zoning change for 151 Sweet Lane and agreed to support the South Valley Farmers Market with a $5,000 contribution.

Public comments were shared which both supported and opposed the city contributing funds to the proposed Community Health Center. Action on the request was postponed for future consideration.

The council also heard public testimony on entering into an agreement with Row River BMX regarding a request to restart operations city property, which was formerly used as a BMX track. 

Council accepted staff recommendations and approved the request.

Councilors then heard public testimony regarding an alternate site for a shelter for the unhoused which might be more appropriate and safer for those using the facility.

Lastly, the council heard a presentation from Regional Accelerator Innovation Network (RAIN) suggesting the organization and the city work closer to spur economic development in the Cottage Grove area.

The next Cottage Grove City Council Meeting will be held on June 27, 2022.

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