Joining a new pack

Kendrick Murphy/CG Sentinel

For two Cottage Grove high school seniors — Jayden Cameron and Piper Youngmayr — their dreams of continuing their athletic careers have become reality. Cameron committed to Western Oregon (WOU) for soccer in the fall, while Youngmayr committed to WOU a couple of weeks ago for Cross Country and Track. 

“What has me most excited is actually my grandpa and my father never went to college,” said Cameron. “So I would be the first in that generation to extend my education past high school. And that’s also something that I’ve valued going into my college career to say that I’m the first one is exciting.” Cameron added. “I liked Monmouth when I went and visited the campus. I really like that it almost felt like Cottage Grove in a way. But I like the small town feel and it’s a good area for me. And if I’m there to be the best student athlete it’s a great place for that to happen.”

While Youngmayr was considering attending other schools, Western was always her first choice and she’s ready to get started.

“I also looked into schools like Southern Oregon and George Fox,” said Youngmayr. “But Western was my first choice. I’m excited about just being in a new town, getting to kind of start a new chapter of my life. And seeing a new part of Oregon that I’ve only been to a few times.” Youngmayr added, “I’ve met with a few of the cross-country people and talked to a few others through social media. And I’m just excited to meet everyone there.” 

Both Cameron and Youngmayr are ready to start a new chapter in their respective athletic careers following their graduation from Cottage Grove later this spring. And while Youngmayr has one more track season to finish out this year, her plans are to study kinesiology and exercise science at WOU in hopes to either become a physical therapist or athletic trainer.

Cameron will be preparing for the fall season by playing some club soccer this spring and looks to pursue a business degree at Western.

The duo will go from Lions to Wolves in Fall 2022.